Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Let's start off with Friday, my birthday party day. I got to do my favorite thing in the world with some of my favorite people in the world. KARAOKE! HORRAYYYYY! I can't even describe the amount of awesome that ensued.

I'm not even upset that I dropped my phone getting out of a cab since I found it in near perfect condition the next morning in the middle of the street.

Saturday, I was feeling difficult. But, I got to spend most of the day catching up on my DVR and reflecting on Friday night's awesome. So all in all, not too bad of a day. And, I got to drink coffee out of my brand new Honey Badger mug from my Hetero Life Partner, Kristen. This thing is hilarious. It will never not make me smile.

Mostly because it will remind me that I "just don't care."

Today is Sunday and I am feeling much better. So far I have been able to do some basic human tasks such as grocery shopping and light laundry. I'm even thinking about running a Clorox wipe across my bathroom sink. Maybe.

The day hasn't been all tedium though! Kate and I went for a beautiful hike at Highbanks Metro Park. It's gorgeous:

I adore spring:

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